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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I See the Light – What do You See?

It has been a while since I’ve blogged. Life gets us busy and then some most of the time. Once you break a habit, it’s hard to get back into. So here is to jumping right back in and seeing what rabbit hole we dive into today.

We have started a new trend in our home this year. We are in divest mode. What this means is that we have started evaluating the ‘things’ we have around us in our home. As adults, we have to set the example for our children. If we value things more than time spent with them or really more than them etc. that is what they learn. They learn from what we do sometimes more than what we say. We are the light that shines in the dark to show them the way.

Our lesson this year is simplify. We need to simplify our lives and not sweat the small stuff. So far I have cleaned out 2 rooms in the house. One was a kiddo’s bedroom. What I have discovered is the simple fact that ‘less is more.’ Amazingly since I cleaned out the room, moved the furniture around and reorganized he has kept it cleaner than he ever has. The energy of that room is now changed, hopefully for a long time and for the better.

I have found several items so far that we never use and can definitely do without. We piled the items in the garage and realized we really did not have enough for a garage sale. Especially warranting all the work that goes into a garage sale plus sitting outside for the better part of at least one day. So I turned to a great alternative – our local craigslist. I’ve listed all the items so far and we have made over $200 in about 2 weeks. Granted it’s not what we paid for the items, but these items were a) gently used, b) sitting around gathering dust, c) now not cluttering our home. Turns out it really is true that one person’s junk becomes someone else’s treasure.

What have you done this year to bring more light into your home? Do you think it’s too hard to simplify? Stay tuned as our family walks this journey and I chronicle the experience. Next up will be cleaning out the other kiddo’s bedroom  as well as the other rooms in the house and our discussion about expenses to cut including cable tv. I wonder what other junk I will find that will be treasure for others?

Kathie Hitt