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Monday, August 13, 2012

Words You Never Want to Hear

Today has turned into a very dark day for many here in Aggieland. It started for most of us as a normal Monday, yet lunchtime brought us reports of a gunman near campus. No details were available but many of us frantically called loved ones in this big, ‘small town’ to ensure they steered clear of the area.

My children were at home near South Knoll Elementary. While this was not around the corner from this incident, it was certainly too close to home for comfort. I made the call to keep the kids inside since the reports we were getting were not clear whether there was a gunman on the loose in the streets or really what was going on. All too soon we were given the shocking information. Several wounded, and 3 would die before the news was finally over for the day.

Words one never wants to hear are ‘Code Maroon Active Gunman’. It doesn’t matter what area it was in. The simple fact that an officer doing what is normally a routine job was killed is another set of words we cannot fathom. I think we as civilians forget sometimes that these officers are sworn to protect us. Like our military, sometimes they pay the ultimate price, with their own life.

As a wife and mother, I cannot also fathom the words of the officials who came to Brian Bachmann’s wife’s door to tell her of her courageous husband’s death. My eyes fill with tears now as these are words none of us ever want to hear. Yet, we are hearing them, leaving many of us still in disbelief and shock. Other people lost loved ones today as well. We cannot forget any of them in this senseless act of violence of one who obviously was not in his right mind.

This is a good, normally very quiet community. The Aggie spirit is not simply words and traditions, it is very real. I know we will see it now more than ever as this community comes together to mourn with the families and support them in their time of great loss and need. Little information as of yet is known about everyone who lost their life today. The most I have heard so far and of course which struck home with me was the Bachmann family. A wife and school age children, in an instant are now without a husband and Dad.

I’m linking and will continue to link to things that will be set up to help the victims of today’s shooting. There are several resources already being put in place as the community silently and somberly comes together. One blog I found already is seeing how many local restaurants will participate to give the Bachmann family gift certificates to help defray the costs of losing a husband’s income so suddenly. My heart breaks for them and I only know how I would feel in that situation. There are no words that will make the situation better for them but we can show the family our love and gratitude for a man and officer’s sacrifice in the line of duty. It is the very least we can do.

We cannot forget any of the victim's families today. I ask that if you have information about ways to help any of them, that you leave a comment so this can be a resource for anyone who wants to help. I also ask you to go home and hug your loved ones and tell them how you feel. Life is far too short to not spend it with those we love. Today should prove that beyond measure.

Links & ways to help:

"Please help Constable Brian Bachmann's family - go by any American Momentum Bank & give to the Bachmann Family Fund. Thanks & God Bless"

Kathie Hitt
Email: kathiehitt@yahoo.com