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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Gas Saver Program – Great Fictitious Example

So I fill up my car with gas once a week. Currently I spend $80 to fill it up completely to the brim. I’m sure it will cost more tomorrow but that is beside the point.

You also fill up your vehicle with gas once a week. Currently you also spend $80 to fill yours up completely to the brim.
So we both drive all week and do what we normally do. However, you went to a web overview and learned about a program where you get every day fill up rewards. This program will earn you cheaper and free gas as well as other discounts on things you use regularly when you spend a certain dollar amount each month on gas. The cost to join was less than a wholesale club membership so you decided to take part in it, thinking that since you will use it so much it will be worth it. I wasn’t aware the program existed so I of course wasn’t able to take part.
So here, we both did the exact same thing. Although, you got rewarded and I didn’t. You get every day fill up rewards, they added up and you got free gas and other perks.

So what if the company you get the every day fill up rewards from told you that if you tell your friends about the program, every time they use the program they will give you more every day fill up rewards?
You think this is fantastic. I mean everyone needs gas right? Well most everyone you know does, so of course you are going to tell everyone you know.
So now, you get every day fill up rewards when you fill up, you get them every time your friends fill up, and you also get them when your friends tell their other friends who also start using the every day fill up reward program. That might add up pretty quick and help offset how quickly gas is rising.
So this would be a gas rewards program that would be extremely popular! Especially now in this economy! Are you excited? Could you tell people about this easily?
Well this is a great story about what my husband and I do except we get cash instead of  every day fill up rewards. We have several items that we like and need to use every day in our home. We get paid for using them up and we get paid for telling others. All because someone else told us about it and helped us attend a web overview that explained everything in detail. They answered our questions and also have given us training and support to help us do exactly what they were doing.
So what are you waiting for? Contact me today to see how easy it is to add an extra check every single month and not interfere with income you are already making.  

Kathie Hitt

The every day fill up rewards program is a fictitious example. It is not endorsed or offered by anyone that I know. I do have to give credit for the idea behind this fictional example to Tom 'Big Al' Schreiter.  I’m on his mailing list and he sends out some great free training that I got this idea from tonight to blog about. You can visit his website here: Fortunenow.com