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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Journal of Thankfulness

“Journaling three great things in your life each day creates 1095 entries a year. How would this impact you in 10 years?”~ Cindy Wrightson, CEO of CW Concepts, Inc **

What an intriguing thought. This is something I’ll be starting as of today for myself as one change for my life. Let’s explore what this could do for a person, specifically myself personally.

I’m calling this journal my Journal of Thankfulness because I feel that listing 3 great things that happen every day will be a great way to look back and see what I was most thankful for each day. It’s a great way to reflect on the day and keep the positive that occurred each day. If I do this right before bed every night, then I go to bed in a positive frame of mind with the good from the day being the focus. Any bad or negative thoughts from the day can therefore be banished and be replaced with positivity.

One result is the next day starts off on a much brighter and positive note. Doing this small and easy exercise would help even the most negative person be a little more positive every day in my humble opinion. I daresay it might even cause one to begin to always think more in the positive side of the spectrum instead of always leaping to the most negative consequence of whatever is occurring in life at any given time.

A journal like this leaves a way to reflect on the previous year. Simply by reading over the entries after a month is completed and making bullet points of the theme for the month so to speak could give an accurate picture of how the entire year went upon review. I would think you could even begin to see a trend where you may start out more on the negative side but end up on the positive side of things by the end of the year. I think a trend could even emerge that would link the positive effects of a journal such as this with one’s life being much better and more pleasant. With a positive frame of mind many things are possible. As the year passes, I’d say you would be having more success and more of your dreams would seem attainable where maybe they had not seemed within reach before.

The last point I’d like to make is that this also leaves a legacy. Your family, spouse and children, would one day have this information. It could be a biographical source for them or for generations to come to see what went on in your life. This could be a great source of comfort and joy to them to be listed in your journal with their accomplishments that you were proud of or happy about for that day. It could suffice as life lesson’s to use for teaching your children as to the value of focusing on the good and positive things and being thankful for them. It is up to us to teach them how to handle what life throws at you.

I’ll be starting my Journal of Thankfulness today. Will you join me? I am up in the air as to whether I will blog it and track it that way or will keep it in a private word document. Use the method that fits you best, even if it’s keeping this in a spiral notebook. I prefer the computer because I type so much faster than I write so I’ll probably end up blogging it. I am setting my reminder now on my phone calendar so I will remember to do this tonight and every day forward to start what I feel is a great positive habit to get into. Let’s get started and next year this time see how our lives have changed due to this one small change we made in our lives.

Kathie Hitt

**This quote was from a great calendar that held quotes from inspirational women business owners. The calendar came from WomansAdvantage.biz if you are curious as to how to get one of your own.