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Saturday, June 23, 2012

9 Yr Old's Donation Artwork – Something Lovely for a Great Cause

As part of our Happy Trails First Annual Fundraiser, my daughter is offering her artwork for sale to raise funds. These 4 prints are items she did last year between February and March of 2011. She was 8 years old at the time and only had been to two art courses outside school. These are the result of her learning how to blend colors and are essentially some of her ideas that she does when not at school.

These prints will be signed by the artist on the back and numbered. There will only be 100 of each one that will be sold. Your artwork purchase will be numbered as follows x/100 with x being the number of the print in the series (2/100 etc and so on). These are printed on glossy cardstock paper so they are durable and should last for a long time especially if you frame them. The size is 8 ½ by 11 standard paper size.

My pictures of this artwork certainly does not do them justice. However, I do hope that you see the beauty and lovely color blending she has done on these. They would be great additions to any wall in your home that needs some color. None of this artwork was done while she was in a class with a teacher's help. These are all her own original work and ideas that she did based on what she had learned so far in her art classes that she takes from Amanda Dominguez here in town. For more information about Amanda or the classes she teaches, please click here.

Print 1, shown above, is a lovely pink shaded flower in a yellow, green and blue vase. She was experimenting with the table below the vase’s colors with the black, red and brown shading. This print is done on her standard white paper that she tends to use quite a bit of faster than I can buy it.

Print 2, shown above, is the only print she did of these on notebook paper. It is still lovely even with the notebook paper lines showing. She was experimenting with more shading and backgrounds, showing this vase inside a window with a white picket fence outside. Yes there are 2 suns in this picture as I think she started it one way then changed her mind mid image.

Print 3, shown above, is a lovely pink happy face flower. It almost looks like it is dancing with the clouds and sky in the background.

Print 4, shown above, is a lovely multi-colored flower. It is hard to pick a favorite with all the artwork she does, however this one would be a great splash of color for any wall.

 100% of the proceeds of each print purchase goes to the Happy Trails Feed the Therapy Horses fund. To purchase please do the following:

1)      Choose your prints from the pictures shown above.

2)     Prints will be $10 each. I will mail them free of charge to you if you are not local.

3)     Pay for prints at the following secure site: http://www.gofundme.com/q5afo by clicking on the Blue Donate button.

4)     As your comments list which prints and how many of each. For example: 1 qty of Print 1 - $10.

5)     Please ensure you list your email so I can contact you for mailing address to send these to if you are not local where I can drop them off and verify prints purchased.

We thank you for your support of a great cause and showing a young girl how much you love her artwork. Please feel free to share this post to help us raise funds for this fantastic program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by mail or phone.

 Kathie Hitt
Email: kathiehitt@yahoo.com

Happy Trails is one program we do our best to both volunteer and sponsor through donations and referrals. Both able bodied as well as special needs riding lessons are offered. Riding camp is in the early stages of development as well as birthday parties and horse painting activities that are great for scout programs as well as children’s birthday parties. Contact us for more info about any of these great programs.