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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Genuine Genius

My writing this week is being influenced by one event. Reluctantly, I took my kids to see Katy Perry – Part of Me. The fact that it was only offered once at 11 am not in 3D made my initial reaction purely that this was only a money making effort, with 90% of the showings being in 3D. While watching the movie, there of course were only a few moments that truly were 3D moments. However, while entering reluctantly, I left in a totally different frame of mind.

I love spending time with the kids and this was their choice to see this movie. In general, I like Katy Perry’s music so going for that wasn’t an issue at all. There were maybe 20 people total in the theater so the effect was almost like having a theater all to ourselves while we watched the movie or documentary as it probably is more likely. I see now after watching it, however, that this was more like seeing the concert as close as we could get to being there.

I have to say Madonna paved the way for the Lady Gaga and Katy Perry’s that exist today and Tina Turner and others paved the way prior to them. What they did has given rise to the ability of these musical ladies to now express themselves. I have to say I love the way Katy’s personality comes through.

This movie is true genius in retrospect. Not only did we leave there happy and feeling warm and fuzzy wanting to go to her next concert, we left feeling like we really ‘know her’. That is truly a feat in this day and age. I know there will be naysayers that will say oh she knew the camera was following her. This is true. However, you really get to see what goes on behind the scenes and how much of herself she puts into both her music and her costumes, crew and set as well as the visuals that go along with the entire theme. You also see how hard she tries to keep her marriage together. We all know that ended up a dismal failure and not because she wasn’t trying. It takes two to make a marriage work. When one person is giving their all and making sacrifices and the other isn’t as much, I’m not saying it can’t work, I’m saying that the end is probably eventual unless changes happen.

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You see her at her best and probably at a very low point where she’s crying right before a huge show. You watch her pull herself together, get ready to go out, lose it again then go on. The fans probably had no idea that this all happened. She is the epitome of the show must go on in that respect. I’m sure many entertainers have experienced this to some extent, however none have allowed it to be filmed and then put on screen that I have gone to see. Showing weakness? No, I say showing how reality is and what our choices end up being. She could have chosen not to go on. Instead she chose to do her best.

Did I identify with this? Absolutely! As a Mom and wife I felt her pain and shared her triumph. There have been many times in my life I was at a low point, pulled myself together and made the best of it. Put on a brave face and did what needed to be done. She totally won me over where I went in thinking it was all about the money. I left feeling she was a genius.

photo courtesy lifeandstylemag.com

Companies and brands the world over would kill for this type of advertising where the crowd really feels they know you and what you stand for. I know I don’t have to tell Katy Perry fans to go see it. They will already have gone. And while this movie won’t win any awards or be the top money maker this week or any week going forward, I am a better person for having seen it. She touched me and made me reaffirm yet again that making people smile and happy is the best thing in the world. That is what she does best and it shows. May we as people not forget that we all hold that spark. It is merely up to us to use it as much as we can.

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