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Monday, July 9, 2012


One would think that at some point the clumsiness of one’s youth would fade with time. However, I’m finding this is not the reality of aging.

As a child and teen I was often covered in bandages and ointments of varying degrees. Scraped knees, cuts, bruises seemed to be prevalent. Being fair skinned, the rainbow of bruises from purple to green to yellow and brown were glaring on legs and arms.

There has to be a point where tripping over one’s own feet stops. However, I’ve not found that point yet. I still often trip, and my children, especially my daughter seems to have inherited this trait. It’s not all due to inattention either. My husband blames shoes such as flip flops as the culprit, which I would tend to agree with if that was the only shoe that I tripped while walking in.

The absolute worst though is the kicking furniture. I think my poor small toe on each foot is perpetually bruised and throbbing. Just tonight, I kicked my little toe hard into the couch which has been in the same place for 2 years. I mean seriously, at some point your body should know where everything in the house is. With full lights on in the house, there is no reason to kick the couch. However, I did just that and almost dropped like a stone on the floor, yowling in pain.
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Now my little toe on my left foot is still throbbing, reminiscent of the cartoons. It feels about 10 times larger than it should be even though it isn’t. It feels like it should be cherry red and throbbing like when Jerry would hit Tom’s thumb in the cartoons. I am sure that within the week as this one heals, I’ll stub the other toe and be a well rounded out injured person. Or as I realized a bit ago, if one doesn’t cover the affected toe, it is primed to whack it into something again. Ugh that chair did jump out in front of me I assure you, as I sit here rubbing the very offended toe. I will wear tennis shoes tomorrow just to protect the toes, but mark my words I will probably end up stubbing the very same toe into something again.  

I know I’m not the only one this happens to. It’s happened to me all my life as well. I would certainly appreciate any pointers out there for us whom are total klutzes. If you have found anything that reduces your amount of injury, please by all means help us that can’t seem to walk without appearing to be in some sort of crazy dance. That really is not the beginning of a flash mob I assure you. It’s simply me attempting not to say words my children really should not overhear and repeat.

Kathie Hitt
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