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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Spam Defined:
vb , spams , spamming , spammed
to send unsolicited electronic mail or text messages simultaneously to a number of e-mail addresses or mobile phones

Today I would like to discuss the unappetizing world of spam. I am not talking about the dubious meat product in a can either.

What I am talking about comes in many forms in our inboxes and various social networking sites as well as via our mobile phones now. We are constantly bombarded by it in so many forms. It is still incredible to me, the sheer amount of it that ends up in my spam folder every single day. I mean with some of the titles and misspellings, did they truly think someone would be reading any of it?

I clean out my spam/junk or bulk folder several times a week. I cannot tell you how many times I have found email that should not be there in that folder. So I simply cannot trust that my email is smart enough to know all that I want to see. Hence I get to skim the titles of all the things in that folder. I am sure you have a smattering of most of these yourself.

Something unthinkable is happening with Publishers Clearing house! Gasp! I am certain it is only the fact that no one is buying whatever they are currently advertising. Fantastic! Avon is hiring in my area. Let me just run out and apply for that right now. Oh, I can’t really apply since I pay to start my own business with that. I can save 50% on freshwater pearls. Wow, there is something I simply cannot live without is some freshwater pearls.

Christine has added me as a contact on TWOO and wants to connect with me. Wahoo! Wait, who is Christine and what in the blank is TWOO? Car Stuff has some fast moving items for sale. I better jump right on that. I simply cannot live without some fast moving products for my car! There are free cell phones for me and I can win $50,000 from facebook also! Christian singles are dying to meet me. Only me, no one else!

Someone wants to know did I take it yet? I have no idea nor do I care. Another title tells me to Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks. Well I am continually open to new things and committed to learning something daily so I feel pretty ready for anything knocking. Oh and there is a check waiting for me. Apparently I have been chosen to help with liquidating someone’s estate in a foreign country I cannot even pronounce. Joy!

Last but not least, what about the pharmacy that I can buy any drug I need? Obviously soft Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra are drugs that I am missing out on. I can get them in one day also!

Truly if I am to believe what is in my spam folder, I can have anything I want at any time I want. All for very cheap or free and in some cases Win them! I can have a life of luxury and date whom I want. There is a dating service out there for every single taste. The Canadian pharmacy is ready at the drop of a hat to ship products to me!

I do not know how I ended up on all these lists to get these emails. I truly hope no one or very few people out there really fall for these. If it quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck. If there are major misspellings in the title, then it’s more than likely spam. That is how they get past the filters in many ways to actually get into your normal inbox.

With this post, I am poking fun and making light of a serious subject that seriously annoys many people. Most spam is ignorable and certainly not worth getting uptight about. In many cases, most people never even see the spam that bypasses their inbox. However, if you want to get a good laugh sometime, go check out your spam folder. I bet you see something humorous that makes you giggle just like I do when I clean mine out. What is the best spam to date in your inbox?

Kathie Hitt