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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Positivity Bubble

Daily mantra: Today is a day that I am wrapped in my Positivity Bubble. Nothing you can do or say will penetrate the membrane or touch me. I am immune to the drama and grumpiness of those around me. I will smile and shine my light upon those who are in the darkness, casting rays upon a path into the light. Like the lighthouse, I will be a beacon of warmth and friendship to those who are in need.

I cast out dark thoughts and focus on my dreams, taking one step closer to them every day. I call upon my positivity buddy to keep me focused on the path towards the bonfire of hope in the distance. Negativity and drama will bounce off the glass as I glow with the warmth of an undeniable lighthouse of confidence.
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Have you lost your hope? Have you given up on your dreams? Do they seem buried or so far away that they will never resurface again due to life as you know it today? There are days when I am not as positive as my litany above suggests. However, I persevere. I focus on the good in each day and drive my fears and negative thoughts to the side. How do I do this? I will share some tips below in hopes they will help you as well.

I have several sites that I get info from daily. I share this information on several social networking sites (facebook and twitter as well as a few others). You would be amazed at how sharing one simple thing that spoke to me and resonated within helps pick someone else up as well. I’ve had people tell me, oh that post was so helpful or I needed to hear that today thank you. Those type of things always make me smile knowing I have actually helped someone else. It is a great feeling and didn’t cost a dime to help them either. Free information I found that spoke to me, freely shared made a difference. It is one small kindness that sparks and starts the fire. As we all share the info with each other the spark grows into a bonfire that warms us all.  

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There are many positive quote and info sites on the internet. I am sure you can find some that give you daily emails as well. These sites I personally cherish are as follows:

JoelOsteen – daily email or message

Find yourself a positivity buddy. Find someone that the glass is always half full or always looks on the bright side of things. Ask them to help you stay positive. Positive people are always willing to share their light. Positive people need your help to stay in the light. They need recharging from time to time as well so if they seem down one day, smile and share your light with them. It only takes a small thing to rekindle the spark.

Surround yourself with positive images. Find Pictures of things that make you happy or that make you smile. Make yourself a pinterest board with them or cut/print them and put them on posterboard on the wall or a notebook to flip through. This needs to be where you can see it daily to help you visualize your happy place. The power of positive thinking is amazing so the bigger you want to dream the better is the way to go with this.

Last but not least, take stock of your life. If you are surrounded by negative nellies then you may need to rearrange your friendships and life, if you truly want to make a positive change. It takes you wanting to make that change first, then taking the steps necessary to put them in place. I guarantee the negative people will not want to be around anything positive and they will do everything they can to bring you back down into the darkness. The darkness is all they know as they fear the light.

If you need some help getting started, I will be glad to be your positivity buddy. Repeat the daily mantra every day and make a few simple changes. Give yourself a few months and see if you like being in the light better than the darkness. Create your own Positivity Bubble today!

Kathie Hitt