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Friday, February 3, 2012

Cookie Joy

It’s that time of year again …. Drum roll please …. Girl Scout cookie time.

How can one resist their yummy goodness or the cute girls in their uniforms outside of every retail store peddling their cookies (which is undeniably their biggest fundraiser)? I personally was a brownie then a scout and cookies were a lot cheaper when we sold them. We also went door to door selling them.

Thin Mint are the ones that call to me and are irresistible. I used to love the Chocolate Chip ones also but alas those are not sold anymore.

My only complaint is that these come far too close to the beginning of the year. All those people who make resolutions to be healthier and eat better are now being tempted by the ultimate of temptations which is the girl scout cookie. This makes it very hard to be good for those who simply cannot eat just one. Although maybe I’m only speaking for myself in the fact that it is hard to eat just one or whatever a serving is nowadays.

What is your flavor that you can’t resist? How many boxes have you bought so far?

Have a fantastic day!