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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simple or Extravagant? ~ The holiday looms near

Valentine’s Day is yet again right around the corner. This day has become increasingly commercialized for flower vendors, candy vendors and many other companies as they scramble to get in on the dollars that are spent.
Whatever happened to having a simple, small celebration? Since when did it become a staple that women everywhere supposedly expect to be showered with candy, flowers and an expensive hallmark card expressing the undying sentiments of their significant other?
Call me low maintenance because I simply don’t understand all the fuss. I admit I enjoy getting flowers occasionally. However, I do not expect to get flowers on any day including Valentine’s Day. I will be truly happy with whatever my husband decides to come up with. I always get him a card every year and try to do some special things to make him understand that I appreciate him.
What I’m getting at is that this should be a day to show the one you care about, that you truly appreciate them and celebrate them in your life. This goes for the male as well as the female. It’s a sad misconception that this holiday should be or is only about the woman. It should be about the guy equally. There are tons of things one can do to show appreciation that don’t cost a dime. A simple love note, written to your significant other reminding them of why you chose them in the first place is a perfect example.
I am certainly not trying to tell everyone how to celebrate their special day. Just offering some suggestions for what, in my humble opinion, has become far too commercialized.
How do you celebrate the day? Ladies, do you expect your significant other to give you the moon on Valentine’s Day? What do you do for them to show them your appreciation? Do you respond in kind or just expect to be showered with flowers and candy with a ‘this is as it should be attitude’? Gentlemen, are you fed up with this type of behavior or do you feel it’s the way it is and there is no way around it?  
As always, have a fantastic day!
Kathie Hitt