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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mom Down ~ Mayday Mayday!

I recently started riding a bicycle again after more than twenty years. You can read about that here. While my kids were ecstatic that we would be able to get outside on our bicycles together, there were some apparent misgivings and concern on their part.

Before we even got out of the store with the purchase, my son was already asking “Mom do you think you can remember how to ride this?” This is my kiddo that has a lot of intuition so maybe he was simply tuning into my own worry that it might take me a bit to re-learn the skills necessary. However, I really wasn’t thrilled to have the concern voiced aloud and in public no less.

While I was getting water bottles prepared for the inaugural trip, the kids were discussing with their Dad what to do if Mom injured herself. While I am very happy they were discussing and really on the surface attempting to be prepared, it sounded like more of a joke going on in the next room. Following is a recount of what I recall the conversation to be.

Daughter: “What if Mom falls or something and is hurt?”

Husband/Dad: “Get on Mom’s phone and call me. You do have your phone right?”

Me: “Yes I have my phone. You know I can hear every word you are saying right?”

Son: “What is the code word for Mom being down.”

Daughter: Laughing and loudly says “Mom Down, Mom Down -- MD MD!”

They all dissolve into laughter and can’t even speak anymore.

I walk into the room and calmly announce that everything will be fine, we will not need the Mom Down Mayday emergency system. This causes more laughter and they still cannot breathe or speak from the apparent image of Mom being tossed off her bike and injured to where she cannot get back on and needing Dad to come save her. It is not readily apparent to me why this is so humorous, maybe because the scene I have in my head is one of a mangled bike and a lot of pain.

I am appreciative of the concern. My son the entire time we were going was giving me pointers on how to ride. “It’s really easy Mom. Just use your feet and pedal and try to stay straight. The helmet will protect you pretty well too. We have to watch out for cars.”

All very good advice, however ironic that he’s 10 and explaining all this to me is priceless. I now feel pretty confident there will be no need for the Mom Down Mayday emergency system to have to be activated. We rode over 2 miles yesterday afternoon with no incidents. This just goes to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks or maybe they can simply relearn old tricks they once knew!

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