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Monday, April 2, 2012

Spontaneous Hugs are the Best!

Getting ready for bedtime or getting kids up and ready for school are always hectic times it seems. A Mom is not able to heave a sigh of relief until the last kiddo is kissed and tucked in or seen safely into the school.

When my kids were little, hugs were frequent every day. Children are extremely affectionate creatures if you foster that behavior. I was never so happy when I was pregnant to find an old rocking chair that I used to rock both kiddos to sleep. I remember those days fondly, in the dim light of a nightlight in a quiet room. I rocked them both to sleep, baby to toddler stage. As they got older, simply rocking and cuddling with them as their own special time with Mom are precious memories.

My children are 14 months apart which presents special challenges in ensuring each kiddo gets enough ‘Mom’ time. Each one is different and likes different things to do so that does make spending time with them easier and more special. However, I often have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the time I have with them. They are growing up so fast. They will be teenagers before I know it and these cherished days might be out the window until we are past that stage.

I normally spend some time each evening with my daughter in her room. We talk about the day and watch the tv shows she likes. Sometimes I just get to lay down on her bed with her as part of the tucking into bed routine. She has this routine where her 3 favorite stuffed animals get tucked in first, then she gets to snuggle in next to them. I get her covers all tucked in around her then lay down with her head on my chest and we snuggle and talk. She is my snuggle bug and I wish sometimes I could bottle this time to be able to draw on later when they are grown and with kids of their own.

This evening, I went into the bathroom to put ponytail holders away in a drawer so we will be able to find them easily. My oldest was in the bathroom brushing his teeth as part of the getting ready for bed ritual. I didn’t realize he was in there since the door was wide open and I apologized for intruding. As I turned to walk out, I was pleasantly surprised by him grabbing me around the neck and holding on tightly with his head pressed against my back. I asked him “Hey what was that for?” He replied, “Why it’s a hug Mama.”

Gosh, it brought tears to my eyes and I felt so warm and fuzzy. I stood there with him until he let go and ran to his room all happy. When things like this occur, it would be nice to be able to make time stand still and savor the moment. It’s so much more momentous when it happens spontaneously like that and not in response to having done something for them etc. Every hug is special, don’t get me wrong. It’s just spontaneous hugs are unique and carve out their own small place in a parent’s heart. These are something to be treasured and suffice as a bright spot to draw on when you feel sadness or despair.

I know many people have their own rules about personal space and strangers but sometimes a hug is the only and best method of communication. We are all connected and have in many cases, lost the significance of what a single hug can do. Hug your loved ones often and spontaneously. It will make them feel wanted and secure in the knowledge that you care today and always. Go hug someone you love now!

Kathie Hitt
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