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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Teachers – Investment in Our Children’s Future

We as parents, entrust our children each day into the care of the school system. Whether the school of choice is public or private, they all have one thing in common – Teachers.

Every profession has it’s ups and downs. Every job has people that just go in for a paycheck while others work their behinds off for every penny they make. This is true universally across the board.

However, I want to take a few minutes to thank all those who are shaping the minds of our children. I think a lot of them work harder than most of us, then go home to their families where they go through the process again. They put a lot of themselves into their classrooms with their time and own money. They deal with school rules and regulations and they see things that there isn’t enough time in a day to change so they do what they can.
I’ve seen and heard a lot of frustration this year from teachers and administrators, however they keep going on day after day doing what they do best which is teach our kids. They are being limited to how much they can ask for help in their classrooms via donations. They are having to teach to the testing guidelines so the kids excel. They are worried about budget cuts and the possibility of not having their contracts renewed to teach again next year.

I wanted to say a personal thank you to every teacher and administrator out there. I know you work hard every day. I know you do the very best you can and for that I thank you. I entrust my most precious gifts given to me, to you every single day. I see them blossoming and learning and having an appreciation for what they are learning. I hear wonder about subjects and discussions that wouldn’t be taking place if you were not stimulating their minds. I can see that most of you care about what is absolutely best for the kids you teach.

Budgeting issues for schools seem to be a common issue across the nation. In our town alone they are discussing using ‘attrition’ to not renew contracts for budgeting constraints next year. I hate to see class sizes increase which is the other end result of the budgeting issues.  Increasing class sizes is only going to increase teacher frustration and stress as well.

I’ve attempted to reach out to the local school board with fundraising that will make a long term dent in the budgeting issues as well as help any teachers that want to participate with no luck yet. This could even help the teachers that ‘attrition’ ends their contracts as well. I’m ready to help since I’ve found something that I think will make a difference. It is just a matter of spending some time with those interested to explain and then offer training and support as a partner/mentor.

Please support your local teachers. They work hard for us every single day, taking care of our most precious commodity -- our children. If they send a note home, they truly need help with something. Please respond promptly. If you can help, please do so! I try to ask as well if there is anything I can help with since many needs often go unspoken and are filled by the teachers themselves. Each school is different but there are things we as parents can do to help every day with our own unique talents. Please, be involved with your children and their teachers. It is not as time consuming or difficult as you might think.

Kathie Hitt