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Sunday, May 27, 2012

An Amazing Find ~ Our Habitat Restore

A few weeks back I visited our local Habitat Restore in Bryan, Texas. I was simply amazed at all the items they have for sale! I spent about forty five minutes there walking around the ground floor and upstairs exploring all they have. I could have spent another hour there easily. They had everything you could think of to furnish a home and then some. There might have even been a kitchen sink back in a corner that I didn’t see. This is the epitome of what a green organization does!

There were some great buys on furniture. Couches, end tables, dining tables and chairs, desks and even bed frames all there available for purchase. Everything was reasonably priced. They had appliances including refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers and microwaves.

I saw knick knacks and tableware, including plates, silverware and glasses. There was even a wall with artwork and prints for sale to decorate your walls.

Upstairs had all kinds of wallpaper and items for projects for the home. If you need indoor or outdoor lamps, faucets or other items to repair or spruce up your home, I highly suggest you go into the Restore first. Not only are you helping support a fantastic organization in our local community, but you are getting a great deal on items you already need. They even had electrical and other repair items. Just about everything you could think of that you might need, try them first.

Please be patient at the counter. Remember, they rely on their volunteers. Many of the volunteers are working on their 500 hours they must put in of volunteer work as part of their homeowner process.

For the bargain hunters out there, you need to come on out to 2211 Maloney Ave in Bryan, Texas. If you aren’t in Bryan, please look up your own local Habitat Restore. Also consider donating your items to them as well. This short video explains what your donations to Habitat Restore accomplish: Click Here

Like our local Habitat Restore on Facebook for the latest info on items and deals!

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