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Friday, May 4, 2012

Miracles and Special Angels

I had the privilege today of learning a lot from someone who runs a non-profit. I had no idea that it costs money and a lot of jumping through hoops just to establish and gain the documentation to prove a non-profit is really a non-profit.

Irregardless of this issue, the fact still remains that funding needs to occur. So what options are normal in these circumstances? Money is tight for a lot of people these days. Many non-profits have cut back to bare bones. Many exist due to the goodness of volunteers also.

I am in the process of putting a lot of good old fashioned hard work into this non-profit. It exists to offer therapeutic riding and equine assisted therapies and activities for persons with special needs. No one is ever turned away due to lack of funds. However, there are costs associated with ensuring the horses are taken care of. Without the horses, the therapeutic riding cannot occur.

This particular venue offers a whole person approach to therapy, which translates into those that are being assisted learning not only how to ride a horse, but confidence in themselves. You cannot put a price on teaching children, teens and adults who otherwise wouldn’t have been reached ways to be more confident, happy and social.

What avenues for revenue exist here? Donations from riders for the therapy is one way. Riding lessons are also offered for able bodies as well as a way to keep the horses fed and medicated as they need it. Generally, it costs anywhere from $800 to $1000 just to keep the horses fed on a monthly basis. If they are full with paying therapeutic riders that also keeps the horses fed. Donations and fundraising also are other ways to keep the center going.

This place has assisted 300 people since it opened it’s doors. It is nearby enough to be called local in my humble opinion. I would hate to see the legacy that is being created and the people and children mostly who are being helped, not being helped anymore. The lady that runs it, would give the shirt off her back to someone else if they needed it more than she did. She is truly a gem and is passionate about her mission of ensuring everyone that comes out for riding lessons or therapy is taken care of completely.

I realize money is tight for us all. However, I’m going to pledge to take my lunch from now on and the money I would have spent on that is going to go here. We are also going to volunteer to help out as well, although that doesn’t feed the horses or medicate them. Vet bills are awful expensive for small animals. I can’t even imagine how expensive they are for horses.

So, I’d like to call on you, my readers for some resources if they can be spared. I have the full info on this place if you’d like it and you may be able to deduct anything you donate on your taxes. You’d have to work with your tax preparer for specifics. Every little bit helps and I have a few different ways to assist that can be done via the internet.

Anyone here local to the Bryan/College Station area, I need assistance with fundraising as well donations. I also am looking for volunteers as well as anyone who might be interested in riding lessons. I’m thinking the vet school at Texas A&M might also be a resource to help with the vet bills possibly. I’d think the people in those degree plans may need to have ‘hands on’ type training that can help out with this situation.

I’m trying to assist get this ship back on track, in the black and enough ahead that they can focus on the therapy and not stress about the how are we going to keep the doors open another week. I believe in miracles and special angels. We could use some of both right now. Please contact me for more information if assisting with something of this nature appeals to you. Thank you in advance for reading and sharing this information. The more eyes that see it, the better.

Kathie Hitt

Please stay tuned for updates and stories/testimonials from people who both volunteer here as well as those that have been assisted. My hope is to raise awareness about how therapeutic riding makes a difference in the lives for those who are challenged. I hope you will see the importance of ensuring this legacy is built for a lifetime to come.