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Monday, May 14, 2012

A Bleeding Nation

It really is depressing enough to turn on the news on any given day and hear the constant debate over the economy and employment and which party is the most at fault. Reporters sensationalize the worst case scenarios and feature the doomsday news including murder and kidnapping. It’s no wonder that cable subscribers are cancelling their cable channels in lieu of internet tv such as Hulu and services like Netflix. With these at least you can watch death and destruction only when you want to instead of having to.

It’s hard to find shows like 60 Minutes which used to tell both sides of the story and had newsworthy items which featured feel good stories as well as some doom and gloom. Now our television is prevalent with ‘reality tv shows’ where people try to find love in 2 months, battle it out in exotic locales for the top spot, drive over ice in loaded down eighteen wheeler trucks, haggle with people over the value of items to pawn or hunt alligators. These shows run the gamut of our imagination. Where once “I Dream of Jeannie” or “Bewitched” tantalized us with their wacky magical hijinks, now you can tune in just about any day and time of the week and see people in all kinds of situations imaginable.

So what if I’m dating myself with the mention of some good clean fun or informative television. It makes perfect sense why we eat ourselves into oblivion watching the boob tube. It is absolutely so depressing to watch that we stuff our faces with fattening comfort food.

Election years are the worst of them all. From the litter of the campaign signs everywhere you can see, to the mud-slinging that occurs, it becomes clear why we have the government problems that we have. I find a lot of the time, it’s almost comforting to know that these politicians are actually human and have been divorced or made mistakes. While I’m not happy knowing they cheated or had children out of wedlock or whatever faults they have, does that truly disqualify them to lead our country? I really don’t think so. We, as Americans, have the right to believe what we want, say what we want and live our lives fully. They are no less American or human.

It is frustrating to see the political ads tearing each other down. Accusation fly like arrows, piercing the heart of our country. Our nation is bleeding and they keep shooting at each other. When will this end? At what point will enough be enough? When are we going to quit allowing our great nation to be drug through the mud and trampled under the feet of both political parties? It truly is disgraceful that they are looking out for themselves instead of our great nation. Shame on us for allowing that to happen while we look on like we don’t see! We are all allowing it to happen. Both parties are equally to blame!

The negativity is sucking the life out of Americans and our country. I for one am tired of it. I turn off the ads, switch to other stations and we watch things that are uplifting. We pray for all of our leaders. They need our prayers and they need to see that we are serious about our country getting on the right track. This is a dark time for our leaders and our nation. It is time for some peaceful revolution to take back our country and tell our leaders to balance the budget, get along and get some stuff accomplished. Quit driving our nation into the ground and bring her back to where she belongs. It will take all of us to do it and get the message across. Are you up for the challenge?

Kathie Hitt