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Monday, October 14, 2013

Capturing Feelings ~ Time in a Bottle

I was fortunate on a past weekend to have been able to attend a beautiful wedding. Not only was it in a gorgeous spot outdoors but it was a dear friend as well. The wedding was held under the Century Tree on the Texas A&M University campus. This spot is a magical spot where many have proposed. It is a beautiful tree and the wedding was just as beautiful as the setting.

Century Tree before the Wedding taken by Kathie Hitt

In the past few days, I have had the pleasure of seeing many pictures that were taken from the wedding and many wonderful wishes and comments about the event. It was a very joyous occasion as weddings often are. A post from the new bride made me stop and tear up yesterday though as it touched me in such a way and described several things so appropriately, that I requested her permission to quote her. She generously gave her approval so here is what she said below.

“If I could capture a feeling and bottle it up, I would have two bottles: one would contain the way I felt the first time I held Weston, the other would contain the love I felt the first time Steven and I kissed as husband and wife-then if ever I was feeling down I could just open them up and be filled with warmth, joy and love that is immeasurable!

Wow. Such simple heartfelt words but something that everyone can relate to. Weston is her 8 month old son.

I know we all have moments that, if bottled, could bring us untold joy in times of sorrow if we could but open them as they were needed. What a wonderful thing that could be.
Beautiful bride, groom and family picture taken by Kathie Hitt

What wonderful times in your life would you bottle for later? I can think of several right away within a few seconds. I am sure you can as well. It would be a wonderful sight indeed to have many bottles lined up on a shelf ready to open just in case they were needed. 

Maybe we do not have a real bottle we can put them in, but I bet we can file them away for a sad moment and bring them back up to the surface as we need them. Right now, think about the many moments that can bring you the rays of sunshine you might need for a sad moment. Bring them up in your mind, savor them and then file them away under as needed. Then when you need them, call them back up. Here is your equivalent of your feelings captured in a bottle for a time of need. 

Questions and/or comments are welcome.