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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Drat that Alarm Clock!

There is absolutely no way that is the alarm already. I know I just laid down and set that stupid thing before I went to bed. Oh man, it is far to chilly to get out of bed as cold as it is just reaching out to smack the alarm clock off. Can I just take five more minutes? Just 5 more minutes to work up the courage to slink out of bed and dash for the shower.


Wow I think my teeth are going to chatter out of my head. At least by the time I get out of the shower, the heat will have warmed up the house enough that I will not freeze to death getting dressed. That is a lovely burnt dust smell from the bathroom heater but I guess that is a small price to pay to be warm.

Seriously, did I just use foaming facial wash on my hair? UGH! Trying to wake up is detrimental to my health. Let me rinse that out and try this again with shampoo, yes shampoo is the first thing I need to use on my hair. Then let’s see if I can get the conditioner, now the foaming facial wash on my face like it should be. Shave? Nah I will just wear pants today and forget that. The lather from the luxurious bath gel is nice. No way is the hot water running out already! Hurry up and rinse before you are in ice cold water!

Whew, I made it. Soft warm sweater and jeans and socks with boots and I am toasty and happy. Now to go apply some makeup so I do not scare anyone and blow dry and curl my hair. Last but not least let’s brush those teeth. Well, there is the end to Mom’s morning quiet time. Now to go get the kiddos up and listen to their grouchies as they get ready to face the day.

Yes this is pretty much what all goes through my mind from the moment the alarm goes up until I am ready to face the day. Many people I know must have coffee in the morning before they are really fully awake. Coffee is really not my go to morning wakeup but I cannot function without my hot shower. Although, I have to follow the same routine as well or my day is almost shot before it is started. Call me OCD in that regard or a control freak if you would rather.

What is your early morning wakeup routine? Do you just get up and go or are there things you do in a certain order that help you get on track for the day?

Comments and/or questions are Welcome.