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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

Our Halloween started bright and early. My costume took some extra work in the form of my husband yanking corset strings at 6 am. My daughter was up around 6:15. She got dressed in her Belle costume while I put my makeup on. Then we fixed her hair in the classic Belle bun and then put in hot rollers to achieve the nice curly hair in the back. 7 am we were all ready and on our way in the lovely pouring down rain to school and work. Below is my wonderful daughter in her Belle costume that still fits her from Disney. They were to dress as their favorite book character so this was her creative way to use the dress for school.

Work was fun seeing everyone’s costumes. I love working in a place that encourages creativity and individuality. Below we have our office Halloween pic for this year. Some great costume ideas as you can see.

Came home, got the daughter changed into her princess outfit and my awesome son into his Halo outfit. We went to eat dinner in a restaurant that we had to ourselves which was unique. Then we went to Boofest at the Brazos Valley Bomber’s field in Bryan. Luckily the rain had stopped earlier during the day. Pictured below are the kiddos playing one of the games for prizes and candy.

Back home we pose for pictures and have some fun with them as well. It’s been a wonderful fun evening.

How did you spend your Halloween? What was your favorite costume?

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