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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quiet Please, for the Love of Everything and Anything (Fill in the Blank)

There is a reason I trek to the weekly grocery store run by myself. Alone. With no one else at all and in silence I go around the store and get the groceries in an orderly fashion.

I often smile at other people and I often help others by answering questions. People will ask where something is or wonder aloud and since I shop there every week I point them where they need to go.

Shopping alone in silence with only my thoughts is cathartic for me. It’s relaxing and it is a way for me to simply have downtime. No more “Mom, I need … Mom, where is … Mom, I don’t see it … MOM!”

I need that hour or so to be with myself and my own thoughts. To be able to hear my own thoughts without the constant intrusion of Mom is a wonderful thing.

The past two grocery outings, I have had to take the kids with me. They are old enough that they are allowed to go to toys together and they know they have to stick together. Invariably though they come back far too soon and find me in one of the grocery aisles. I was fairly exasperated this evening when my son kept talking about anything and everything. I suppose I should find a way to tune that to a dull roar or hum but for some reason it grated on my nerves like nothing else.

I finally said my gosh will you please be quiet? He simply looked at me and kept right on talking like I had not said a word. I love my children beyond reason but wow I really need some kid free grocery time again.

How do you carve out alone, recharge time? I am sure I have some Moms out there that can relate to what I am talking about.

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