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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Don’t Stop Believing …

Today was another typical Monday at work. It was another day where I typically really wanted to sleep another hour or so before having to get up. The day hummed right along and everything was normal until that text a little after 4 pm.

Text: Mom could we go out to eat. My pizza got burned by accident. Jonathan

Well alrighty then. Mom really does not need her arm twisted to go out to eat although she probably should resist mightily against it. However, today it was hard not to simply say ok to that text logic and say yes.

However, the real challenge here is that I had oral surgery less than a week ago. I have progressed up to baked potato stage consistency of being able to really eat. So the challenge is to find something that Mom can truly eat that tastes decent. It is truly amazing that until one is in that predicament, one does not realize how little of a diet there is available that actually tastes good and can be actually eaten with a very sore mouth. Especially when one cannot chew well and one really wants a huge hamburger or juicy steak but sadly cannot eat something like that unless it is pureed down to the consistency of baby food, which truly defeats the purpose of a big juice steak or burger.

So we end up at Fazoli’s. I have spaghetti which is delicious and the kids have equally delicious meals. We grab Dad some to go spaghetti and breadsticks and then head to Wal-Mart to grab a few things. We are in and out in less than 30 minutes which is good but on the way home is where the day changed from ho hum to fantastic.

80’s on 8 is my channel that I almost can’t live without. Sad but true. So we are on the way home and the kids are bickering which is typical as well. However there is this golden moment that occurs when this song comes on …

All of a sudden the kids and I are singing. All together, all typical day forgotten and we knocked it out of the ballpark. We came home all smiles, the day all better now all because of one song.

It is that way. One thing can totally change your day if you let it both to the good or to the bad. It is all in your perspective. Find the good, make it better and keep it there. I dare you to have this song on and not at least sing along. It is hard to do!

What turns your day around? Is there a magical moment that has made your day better? Share it with us!

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