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Monday, October 21, 2013

Successful Methodology of Chores

The other day I came home from work and found when I went to go empty the dryer that the clothes were still sitting there wet. The dryer sheet was laying on top like I had just tossed it in there. That sinking feeling hit my chest and I sighed as I closed the dryer and started it, realizing I was going to be at least an hour behind on that evening chore.

I have realized that if I do not do things the same way every single time, or if I get interrupted while I am performing a chore, then that chore invariably does not get completed properly. I endeavor to do at least one load a day of laundry starting on Wednesday or Thursday when the loads are full enough to do them. That way I don’t spend all the weekend doing laundry so we have clothes for the week. However, the scenario I came home to happens at least once if not more a week.

I will often start a chore, walk to another room to do something for said chore, see something else that needs attention and then work on that forgetting the first chore. Then I have to go attend to something else or a child yells for something that they can’t find, need or that I must do right that minute it cannot wait another second. Then I have more than one chore started and not completed. It is a vicious cycle that I cannot seem to get out from underneath on.

I have assigned certain chores to the kids now that they are older. However, I still find myself having to remind them daily to do them.  This Mom would love it if she could come home to the chores done without her having to constantly nag her loving children to complete or start their chores. I wonder if Santa would bring that to me as my present for this next year?

Do you as a busy Mom or wife have this opportunity? How do you combat it and what do you have in place strategy wise to ensure the chores get completed, start to finish day in and day out?

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