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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Music Eras Tell Their Story

Today I was flipping through the Sirius XM channels again. I tend to keep it on the 80's on 8 since I happen to love the 80's music. The radio channels here often either all have the same song on them or are just miserable to listen to with a ton of commercials so I end up on leaving the radio on the Sirius channels. 

I flipped to the 70's channel and was rewarded with several songs I loved. I wish when you change to that channel that automatically a spinning metallic disco ball would drop down and colored lights would pop on in the car. I am sure that would get me in big trouble since distracted drivers cause so many accidents. I cannot simply see how that would not be considered distracted driving since I tend to dance as well. It is impossible not to groove to the disco tracks though when they come on. 

Each channel tells it’s own story if you listen. Each era has it’s own distinct sound. The 70’s channel is peppered with disco flair, the 80’s with pop princes and princesses, the 90’s with punk and new wave, rock and country have peppered into each era as well. Rap came along and changed the sounds and now for the life of me I cannot figure out what they are calling recent music. Although the channel is called Pop2K which does not quite seem to capture the true essence of today’s music.

I also thoroughly enjoy Motown sounds as well. I must look at the channels and see if they have a Motown channel. Surely they do? Motown always makes me think of men all dressed in the same outfits moving across the stage as one and singing as well in unison. I know the music is not all like that but that comes to mind. Motown music is so soulful and soothing. Brings back memories of simpler days. 

What is your favorite kind of music? Mine changes depending on my mood. I love so many different kinds, it is impossible to pick just one genre as a favorite. 

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