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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Twas the day Before Halloween…

It was the day before Halloween and parents everywhere are rushing around, trying to prepare. Last minute costume touches, school Halloween party preparations, and life in general have us all running all different directions.

We already ran to Wal-Mart for last minute gold lace to complete a child's costume, pumpkin cutting tool kit, glowsticks, a wig to complete my costume and a few other things. Back home, we have eaten, whipped up not one but 2 pans of brownies (one for us, one for school party) and are trying to wind down for the day. So we have done our running around and are finally ready I think for Halloween.

Dad made really good use of the pumpkin carving tools. The pumpkin was carved by Dad and is a masterpiece as shown below.

Tomorrow’s blog will get posted late and will be complete with pics of our Halloween costumes and outing at Boofest. So it will end the month with a recap of one of our favorite holidays. Stay tuned for some Halloween fun.

What do you do to prepare for Halloween? Do you celebrate the holiday?

Comments and/or questions are Welcome!