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Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Possible Solar Technology

I came across an article that really intrigued me the other day about some new solar technology and I wanted to share it. You can read the full article by clicking here.

Basically the article talks about how windows or our glass of the future could have solar panels in them and generate electricity. Think about how many office buildings downtown with all that glass in them, if they had these type of windows, how much energy could they generate? A lot more than the extra cost of the windows. Glass with this type of technology added only add 10% to the glass cost.

The article talks about how black panels yield the most electricity generated, then green, then red but blue does not yield as much as the other colors. Not only would this glass look attractive but it would have productive use as well. 12% of the sun that hits the glass can be converted into zero-pollution power.

In doing research for this recap blog I found the following options for solar glass and other articles that were relevant:

There is even spray on type technology that could be used to apply solar cells to cars and many different applications. I am sure there are several more companies and options out there or there will be as this new field opens up. Truly incredible the things that are thought of in not just this field but many. 

Do you have solar panels on your home? Would you ever add solar panels to your home?

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