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Friday, October 11, 2013

Not What I Was Going to Write About

Wow what a day yesterday was. It was a day full of stress that I hope does not get repeated often. This will be short today as I will now have time while in a hospital waiting room to write many blog posts ahead.

My phone rang at around 10:30 am yesterday, October 10, 2013. Looking at the display, it was my Mom and sometimes she will just call so I almost did not pick it up. That little inner voice said, ‘no pick this one up.’ I answered and Mom is crying, telling me they think my Dad had a stroke and that they were waiting on the ambulance.

Normally my parents are 5+ hours away. Luckily they were only about an hour and a half away visiting friends for my Dad’s annual military vet reunion bbq. I am the oldest child and the closest at this point from where they were. After telling my boss, I jumped in the car and headed to Waco. Arrived there a little after noon to the hospital to see my Mom and Dad.

As he recovers, thankfully I can say that, I will go into more detail. They were able to get him the drug Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) and within a few hours we were seeing movement on his right side and while he is having a lot of trouble speaking, we are seeing improvement as time goes by. They have him in ICU and we will have a lot of tests run today and over the upcoming days as we learn more about what his recovery will look like.

Today was both stressful and eye opening. Hug your loved ones today, you never know how long they will be around. Tell them you love them.

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