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Friday, October 18, 2013

Wanted: Derby Girls

Several months back I liked the local roller derby girls page. I loved skating as a girl and I have been toying with the idea of finding skates and exercising with something that I always loved to do. This week, the Brazos Valley Derby Girls posted that they are always looking for skaters of any level and volunteers. All one has to do is contact them for more information.

I seized my chance. I messaged them on their facebook page. I am going to go out there on Sunday and see what it’s all about. My family’s response? See how that went below.

I just went and told my husband that the local roller derby league is looking for skaters. He said "You will kill yourself." I said they wear helmets. He said "Not on their a$$ they don't." My son is still laughing. No respect I tell you!

So I posted this as my status to facebook and have had overwhelming responses of “Go for it”, “I’ll be your biggest fan”, “This is crazy”, “Do it, it is safer than riding a motorcycle”, “Oh boy this makes me laugh. I come up with ideas like this and always get shot down.”, “No Respect. Revolution I say!” Finally last and not least, “I say go for it! I stocked up on bandages and all sorts of pain meds and wine. It should work out just fine.” (this from my husband).


Skating is a fabulous way to get in shape. Especially those hard areas of hips and thighs and butt which I seem to have far more than plenty of to spare. I figure, you only live once why not go have fun. I will go start checking out the practices and such and see where I might fit in. Although Miztress Mayhem sounds like my kind of derby girl name. Their motto? Skate Fast, Die Pretty! How cool is that?

What ideas have you come up with and not found the courage to do? I am challenging you to come join me and pick something fun that you have always wanted to do or given up on because of whatever reason. Let’s do this together!

Comments and/or questions are Welcome!