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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Due to the Government Shutdown …

Many things are being affected by the Government Shutdown. The end or the far reaches of this cannot be fathomed yet. It probably will not even be all bad.

So far I have heard both doom and gloom and rejoicing alike. Might be good to see what programs we can do without. However we are forgetting that all our government officials in office are still getting paid are they not? I have a feeling if this had all been tied to whether they got a paycheck, there would have been no shutdown.

Really silly to see a bunch of grown adults in a pissing match over who gets what or it all shuts down. I am completely in favor of a government overhaul leaving lobbying out of the equation. I doubt that will ever occur in my lifetime unless we all get fed up enough that we march up to capitol hill with our muskets, brandishing them and take back our country from these fools who mismanage on a daily basis.

I called the IRS on Tuesday, October 1st and heard the following message: “Due to the government shutdown, no one is here to take your call.” Then the message went on to describe in detail what tax payments were still due and when despite the shutdown. Oh, so you want me to keep sending in money for taxes for no one to process? That is interesting. Especially since these tax funds cannot seem to be managed properly enough to keep the government running on a continuous basis.

Make no mistake, there are good honest people out there being hurt by all this. The first being government workers who are not getting a paycheck right now. Or a reduced one if they start back up soon. People on government programs such as WIC are seeing notes like the one below. People are scared as to what this is going to mean for our country. I think this shutdown is a clear message that our elected officials do not simply care enough about what their constituents want or need to keep our government running and to do it with the least amount of fat in the budget possible. We keep seeing scandal after scandal and who has not paid their taxes and smearing going on endlessly.

It is about time that we stood up and said enough is enough and make some changes. We elect these people, we need to remember that.

How is the government shutdown affecting you personally? 

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